Drinking the tears of the patriarchy

International Women’s Day was yesterday, but I’m only posting about it today because I’m a woman and WE BUSY.

That, for me, is IWD encapsulated. The day that is designed to celebrate women, one measly day, and I bet most of us were too busy to even pay lip service to it. I was working from home, cleaning because I can’t work unless it’s all clean, buying food, assembling it into a semi-nutritious dinner, paying bills, running interference with real estate agents, folding washing, and trying to do these things in a limited window when my son is at kindy. The juggle is real.

On International Women’s Day, I also got a lot of email spam from companies trying to cash in on all the ladyness, and I’m sure there were enough corporate breakfasts across the country to completely eradicate those little stale pastries from existence beyond 10am.

Apart from that, nothing changed.

I’m not sure about this phenomenon of having specific days to acknowledge things. Just this month, we have Puppetry Day, Sparrow Day and Purple Day also on the schedule, I shit you not. I like the idea of appealing to our short attention spans and long list of things to acknowledge (sparrows are great), but I’m a little concerned about having only one day to recognise and redress centuries of oppression. I dunno, seems a little disproportionate.

Anyway, this day-after-IWD, I will take my small victories where I find them, and this is one of them. Taking the time to write a blog post about not having any time. This is no small thing. At least we get to speak about it, now. We can go on and on about how hard it is to keep all the plates spinning if we want a semblance of balance, how inequality persists and it is a constant and exhausting challenge to push back against it, how it is actually impossible to be a ‘good’ mother and daughter and sister and wife and self all at once.

The ability to speak up about these things is a luxury in its own way, though it shouldn’t be.

So I’ll do it whenever I can. And not just on one day of the year.