Treadmill revelation

I've had photos and tags and messages coming from readers and friends (mostly friends) thick and fast this week, and it is lovely. But, I still haven't been into a bookstore and seen DTTS on the shelf with my own two eyes. I'm going to do that, hopefully this week. It doesn't feel real until I have that moment. I've been busy, though. Life got louder than the siren song of my ego. That's a good thing. 

We've had visitors, the sort of old friends who are as much a part of your story as your family. They are family. The are woven in to your blanket. We've had jobs to go to, and groceries to buy and cars to drive from here to there and back again. We've had errands, to buy fancy cheese and specific light bulbs and the nice coffee and the not-so-nice painkillers for fingers trapped in car doors (mine). We've had long conversations and short winter days and we've changed nappies and wiped faces and read stories and built things out of Duplo and possibly Lego, when we're feeling ambitious and our fine motor skills are up to the task.

That is how it should be. I haven't had a launch for DTTS, and I haven't had time to look at it on a bookshelf, yet. This book hasn't arrived with a bang, she has trickled in under the door, and that's how I like it. Tonight, I was watching Anne with an E on Netflix while I was walking at a pitiful speed on the treadmill and I was reminded how sweet and romantic and irritating the character of Anne is. And, I remembered how much it meant to me to find a character that really resonated with me as a child, Anne and Katy from What Katy Did, and Jo from Little Women, and Claudia, the 'artistic one' who liked clothes in The Babysitter's Club.

The characters from those books are with me all the time. They are part of my consciousness, my frame of reference and how I see the world and the people in it. They're in my every day, along with the errands and the playing and the cups of tea that grow cold. What I would really like (and I didn't realise this until tonight on that horrid treadmill) is for Theo or Beth from DTTS to be like that for someone. For the characters that were born in my brain to be in the days of other people the way Anne and Katy and Jo were, and still are in mine. Just around, lurking, but in a friendly way, not a creepy one, so real that they can exist beyond the page. What a weird, excellent fucking privilege that would be. 

Here's hoping.