Release day

Today marks the official launch date of Deeper than the Sea. Wowsers. It’s been a long time coming, this one!

When I wrote The Vale Girl, I had a lot less in my days. I worked part-time, and I had two whole days a week dedicated specifically to writing. That seems like a ridiculous level of luxury, now. This time around, I had a child, a lot more work, and a busier, fuller existence. Writing this book had to fit in around all of that.

I wrote about this a little bit in my acknowledgements, and it’s not something I want to harp on endlessly about. It’s important to point out that I had a lot of help from my family, especially my mum and husband, and my son went to childcare and was looked after by professionals with infinitely more patience and a more assured wrangling style than I had. I was not alone. I got it done. It was hard.

And that brings us to today, when Deeper than the Sea hits the shelves of book stores all over the country.

I’m relieved it’s over, I understand that it is flawed, and I’m immensely proud of it.