'Muse is a Brisbane label conceived and designed by Donna Keightley.

Donna has created Muse to give a showcase to her own muse; the beautiful linen she works with. With this linen, Donna creates garments that are beautiful, simple and classic, much like the textile itself.

There is no material quite like linen. Made from fibres of the flax plant, linen has a reputation for strength and luxury, but has humble origins. Worn by the ancient Egyptians for comfort in the driest desert heat, gifted to medieval brides for their trousseaus, displayed as a symbol of wealth and prized for its quality, linen is a timeless and enduring textile.

To preserve the integrity of the linen, Donna works with these same design principles; Muse garments withstand the test of time and rise above the tides of trends. These are wardrobe staples that can be worn and worn again. Unique by virtue of the material, all garments come with their own idiosyncrasies, slight irregularities in the texture of the fabric where the fibres intertwine. Flaws? Or the perfect imperfection of nature?

Cut generously with clean lines and fluid shapes, Muse garments allow the wearer to move freely and enjoy the responsive qualities of the linen as it shapes itself loosely to the contours of their form and movement, throughout each wearing.

Where effortless and understated style intersects with the natural beauty of linen and accomplished craftsmanship, there is Muse.

The artist: Donna Keightley

In beginning the label Muse, Donna Keightley has come full circle.

After graduating from college, Donna honed her skills as a pattern-maker for Lydia Pearson of Easton Pearson, then went on to work with various independent designers in childrenswear and womenswear, including Pepito and Crocodile Tears.

Following a stint at the helm of her own bespoke leather handbag label, Pure Vintage, Donna has now returned to the very same textile that featured in her final collection as an undergraduate. Decades on, linen has reaffirmed itself as her medium of choice.

With all aspects of garment design and manufacture taking place in Brisbane, it is a point of pride for Donna that Muse garments pass through only two sets of hands before arriving in stores, one of which is her own.

This short journey from cutting table to the wardrobes of contemporary Australian women testifies to the truly artisanal nature of Muse, and the conscious, careful and considered practice of Donna Keightley; artist, designer and maker.'


'From the depths of a pond, the lotus flower emerges. Unscathed, it reaches for the sky, summoned by the light of the sun. With an earthly beauty, symbolic of renewal and purity, the lotus flower is at the heart of the Amisi artisan skincare range.

The name Amisi is an Egyptian word for flower, and a variety of flowers are featured in Amisi products. Harvested from nature’s most exquisite and potent botanicals, this is plant-based skincare at its finest, designed to feed your skin and feed your soul.

Take the time to nurture yourself and your natural radiance will rise to the surface, just like the lotus flower; pure, beautiful and strong.

 About Amisi

Founded by aromatherapist and massage practitioner, Kerry Ann Purdy, Amisi products are handmade and plant-based, for the gentle and nourishing care of the skin. Working with ancient ingredients and the wisdom of our ancestors from simpler times, Kerry has designed each product in the range to not only be effective, but also a luxurious pleasure to use.

Nature offers us a bounty, and Kerry sees her role as that of a formulator: selecting the finest and most beneficial ingredients to create products that meet specific needs. Whether combining cold-pressed black cumin seed oil for nourishment, papaya extract to enhance natural luminosity and sweet orange, lavender and neroli to rejuvenate (in the Five Seeds Cleansing Oil), or blending edelweiss for its age defying antioxidant properties with hazelnut and cucumber seed oil for pore refining & intensive hydration (in the Violet Leaf Oil Serum), Amisi products bring the best of nature’s gifts to you and your skin.

Wherever possible, Amisi products are:

·         made in small batches rather than mass-produced

·         made with certified or non-certified organic plant-based ingredients

·         made with cold-pressed oils to retain nutrients

·         made with low or non-comedogenic oils

·         sourced from ethical suppliers who are committed to sustainability.'